A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Beep, a small indie game created by five students, is about a pink alien ball who crash lands on a Cube planet. The Cubes steal Beep's spaceship and attack it on sight! With its morphing abilities, Beep can change into the enemies' shape, trick them, solve puzzles, and explore the alien planet to get back its stolen spaceship.

Install instructions

Unity 3D executable file. Downloads available for PC and for Mac. 

Press 'ESC' to open the pause menu.


Beep v.1.0.7.zip 166 MB
Beep v.1.0.7MacOSX.zip 183 MB

Development log


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Simple and effective. It gave me a lot of intresting ideas, and I find the cubes absolutely adorable!

It's a shame it doesn't have support for gamepad. The controls were a little unresponsives...

Really fun! Really vibrant! Really addictive!

There are a ton of games like this where it's a ball rolling around solving puzzles with pressure plates and platforms, etc. So I love the fact that you put a fun twist on it by giving it this kind of story and incorporating stealth into it. It's such a fun idea, being a sphere in a cube's world.

There were a few hiccups with cubes falling where they shouldn't and getting stuck, which happens when you have to push things around on a stage, but overall, this was really well done so I added it to my list of bonus games. Keep up the good work!

I gotta say I loved it. 10/10

Hi! This game is amazing! Thanks!

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This is a really cute game! It has interesting puzzles, and the way that instructions are conveyed without dialog is effective. The visual style is very cohesive and the colours fit perfectly, with the design style being consistent (white = floaty thing, etc). It wasn't too difficult and the last map was a bit frustrating but I really enjoyed playing it. It took me just about an hour to complete. Looking forwards to see what else this team produces!

A few nitpicks

  • I think the sound of the cubes being knocked over is too loud/harsh
  • The DoF effect that changes with where the player is looking gets in the way
  • It's possible to get cubes stuck under the moving platforms, in which case they don't move anymore (I had to restart the game from the beginning because of this)
  • There should be a button for restarting at the last checkpoint because it's easy to get in a position where you can't continue (losing a cube for example)

The vent part is too hard.

Fun little game! Really well done! My only gripe is getting stuck and having to restart the entire game. Other than that I had a lot of fun! Great job! 

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Hey there Drowning Studio, I am Talamann, and I made a video on your game! I hope you like it and get some good feedback off of it.

Good game!!!!

Really great game. I was surprised it was free. My only complaints are that Beep is a little slow, and that you can't save the game. I'm not sure if it's meant to be played in one sitting, but even if it is I think there should be a save button and a sprint button. Other than that the game is really fun, cute and enjoyable.

I got to the part where you open the first door and when the mini cutscene of the two guards oppening the door finished, the game started to download something and then the crashed. This happened three consistent times.

This is the cutest mass murder I've ever been a part of.

Alien ball in a planet of cubes. the stealth sub-genre is retaken with this simple design project.

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Great game so far! I got to the third level so far. I really like the environment and the background music. The use of platforming mechanics with a roll a ball avatar is excellent. I will come back to finish the game but I would like to have a way to save progress and on my second time loading up the game on Windows I could not get to the in-game menu.

2nd Edit. Love the cutscenes!

Fun game, the cubes are adorable despite being so angry. BEEP 2 on Ball Planet? :)

Hi Devs.

What a pleasent surprise it was to play this lovely little number. I've done a full gameplay as you can see below and the video was the third attempt as I found bugs in the first two plays which prevented my from progressing (let me know if you to know where or if you want me to post the videos up).

The environment is really nice and constructed very well and I found controlling BEEP really easy and as BEEP is round I was expecting beep to be not so responsive but the controls were spot on.

The use of the mouse to pan around was great although when I bumped into walls it got a little buggy but hey, i'm not complaining and it was nice to pan around to admire the landscape.

For the first 10 minutes I found myself wishing that I could jump to explorer the environment a little more and and then I came across the "Air Lifts" and I soon forgot about jumping.

And the whole way the game has been put together with the little cutscenes is just ... well "Nice"

Well done to all those involved and good luck with BEEP.

BEEP my hero.


wobblyfootgamer at Youtube

Hi! Big thanks for playing our game. 

It would be awesome if you can let us know what bugs you've encountered so we can look them over.
Giving us those videos so we can see exactly what happened will be very helpful.

Thanks so much!

On the level with 3 purple doors, when I try to complete the platform section, pushing the blue cube under one of the platforms just causes the platform to "eat" the cube, and the cube disappears.  Thanks for making this post :)  Sorry I don't have a video but I promise that's what happened.

No worries, we actually recognize that bug and are currently working to fix it. 
Thanks for letting us know!

Good Morning,

If I'm thinking of where you are correctly then I didn't encounter that issue at that point but after a few attempts to kill the gaurds, I went straight to the middle button and morphed which opened the door for me. 

wobblyfootgamer @ youtube

AS requested. Here you go.

video #1 06:20 The cube guard disappears

video #2 09:05 Cube guard gets killed and the block becomes unmovable/stuck
Thank You

wobblyfootgamer @ Youtube

Thank you for sharing the videos with us!
We'll look into patching up these issues.